If you are writing a google app, you will have to consider the right way to store user data. This http://www.virtuadata.net/best-android-games-with-bluetooth-controller-support article explores different choices and their positives and negatives. It also covers how to exchange files to apps.

Customer data is data produced by users, such as options, saved files, and customized preferences. Typically, it is local data. Choosing the right storage option depends on the use circumstance.

When an application is installed, the user can choose whether to conserve the data in the file system or in the data source. The best choice is generally the data source.

Some applications allow the individual to save info encrypted with a private primary. This can be helpful for social media or perhaps content posting. However , it is crucial to remember that the encryption method simply cannot guarantee the protection of the data. Therefore , it is suggested to load the info from a secure server.

Another prevalent option is to retail store the user data in a after sales storage services. Using backend safe-keeping services allows you to store an individual data in an external hardware. You can then look at data as a result backend storage space.

Android 6th. 0 and higher experience a built-in backup system that automatically stores user data. While this assistance is not just a replacement for storing the data in the area, it is a good option for storing app data.

In addition , you are able to implement a caching layer with a after sales storage service plan. For example , a caching layer can retail store a campaign key and map it to a variation of the user.